Internet Computer Roadmap

IC Roadmap Milestones for 2022 (Sneak Preview)

Chromium (end of Q1)

  1. ICOS Boundary Nodes

  2. Threshold ECDSA signatures: System Integration

  3. Threshold ECDSA signatures

  4. Nodes Can be Reassigned to a Different Subnet

  5. Decentralized Node Addition

  6. Enable HTTP Requests from Canisters

  7. Network Performance with Larger Network: State Sync, Certification, and XNet

  8. Bitcoin Integration to Enable Bitcoin Smart Contracts

  9. Open Governance for Internet Services

  10. Custom Subdomains

  11. Deterministic Time Slicing

  12. Community Fund

Titanium (mid Q1 2022)

  1. Titanium Example Dapps
  2. Bitcoin Integration Developer Preview
  3. Merge Neurons
  4. Simple APIs for Ledger Transactions
  5. Ledger Canister Fit for Dapps
  6. People Parties for Validating Personhood
  7. Verify Candid and Motoko Stable Variable Type Safety of Canister
  8. Enable Canisters to Hold ICPs
  9. NNS Managed Node Provider Remuneration



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